Tabs are not working

Tabs used to work fine but today I tried to create a box and figured out that the generated gcode did not contain tabs.
I used the GCodeSimulator App to validate the exported gcode.

I went back to Easel to double check that tabs are enabled, tried different tab height and width, but it does not create the tabs. Easel shows the tabs in the rough simulation but when you do the detailed simulation they are gone.



I reported that several months back, the tabs don’t show on the preview but they were there when I cut.

oh you are right. Now when I export the gcode again and look at it using GCodeSimulator App the tabs are there.
Maybe they were disabled the first time and then I got confused by the Easel preview not showing them.



I am having the same issue and am not finding much to help me. My tabs are showing in the simulation, but they are not cutting over them when the carver is in motion. Did you find any help for this issue?