Tabs are torture

@HarryC.Ragland Is the material too thick to cut out from one side?

To be honest, my project is going fine. I’m just a bit ticked that some of the tabs I manually placed don’t seem to be showing up in Vectric’s output. This caused a triangular piece of spoil to come loose from the center when it should have been tabbed in place.

You can see an early iteration of what I’m doing in the video below. What you see in the short video is prior to profile cuts and tabs.

If you’re up for it, you should be able to carve this nest of spoons using a Carvey but it might be slow going.

I suppose I should contact Vectric support and see what they say.

Also, this is not my topic nor is this a discussion of Vectric’s tabs. This is TomP’s topic about his frustrations with manually re-tabbing when it becomes necessary to adjust an Easel design. I was merely commiserating with him given my recent issues with a Vectric project.

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Have you tried Tiling your cut in V-Carve desktop? It’s really not that bad.