Tabs behaving strangely

Is anyone else having an issue with tabs moving and clustering together?

I’ve notice that when i copy and object and repeat it a few time. Then come back to the project, on some of the objects the tabs have all moved and all 4 have clustered together in one long “super” tab. If i don’t spot it and move them back to where i want I’ve had some issues with the part moving and being damaged on the last 1 or 2 passes.

Seems to be a little glitch in the easel update.

Yeah it started happening in the last few weeks. Its not a big issue it just annoying, when you’ve got a 2ft square board with 32 items to carve Easel does start running very slow and trying to highlight each items to check the tab is time consuming.

Not thought of that.

I’ve always used Chrome but for no other reason than I just always have. Do people find easel works best with any particular browser?

I’ve found out what courses the problem. When i take a part, copy it and rotate it. The tabs then all move to one side of the part or join together. Its odd, once i’ve set up the tabs on the first part i assumed the location of the tabs would be copied with the part, however once its rotated they all move.