Tabs disappearing (bug)

Hello everyone, today another piece that I was cutting got damaged because of this issue and I finally managed to recreate it. Tabs disappear if I select multiple parts and rotate them at once by typing in the number of degrees. This happens if I rotate more then once and allow the number of degrees to become 0 after doing so. The show tabs option remains checked, but the tabs are not shown or generated in the gcode. In order for them appear I need to uncheck and check the box again. Does any one else have dis problem?

I was able to replicate this issue. You can get the tabs back by unchecking and rechecking the “use tabs” option.

You should not have to “get the tabs back”.
When you copy object/s they should be copies.
Inventables please fix this.
Here is the link to my project.


Agreed. Until the bug is fixed, however, there are ways around it. I’d contact support if it was affecting me. Posting to the forum is probably not the way to get it fixed.

Just a quick update: Our software dev team was able to reproduce this issue, and they’ve put an issue in their bug tracker so they can prioritize a fix. We will keep you posted.