Tabs don't show

Haven’t used tabs in quite awhile, normally use tape and glue method, but wanted a few tabs for this project. Added tabs as usual but they don’t show in detailed preview. Where are they?

I’ve noticed that tabs will not show up unless the shape is set to cut at full depth of the material (even if it’s slightly shallower). Hope that helps.

Yeah, got that. They just don’t show in preview.

I don’t think that I’ve ever seen them displayed in the detailed preview window.

They used to show in detailed preview, real easy to spot. As I look at it again, you can still see them if you know exactly where they are, simulate cut and tilt on edge you see white box where they will be. Not like it was before for sure. You could see them even without simulating. Bad change in my opinion. Oh well, back to tape & glue.

Never noticed that before. Thanks for the information.

What is the tape and glue method? I’ve been having tab issues lately so wouldn’t be opposed to trying something different.

I think Phillip Lunsford has something about that in a video on his youtube site.

Clean wasteboard surface, tape down a couple of strips of tape to it.
Do the same for the material to be carved.
Apply CA-glue to the material tape and CA accelerator to the tape/wasteboard.
Glue the two together, CA forming a thin and rigid bond between the two layers of tape.
(acting as doublesided tape)

The benefit by using masking tape is that it hold firm but can be removed without leaving a mess after the carve. The CA in the middle is stiff/brittle which hold cutting forces VERY well.

Doublesided tape are usually thicker, dont release easily afterwards and gum up material and bits aswell. Masking tape is tidy and quick.

Thanks for the info! Does it ever become an issue where the glue doesn’t dry evenly / tape has ridges so it causes the carve piece to be not level?

Not that I foresee that being an issue with my current process as I’m certain the boards not level, but getting better :smiley:

Creased tape can certainly have impact, so don’t crease it :slight_smile:
I use medium/thick CA and it allow for uniform seating which is what you’d want. I lay it down on one edge, then let it drop and press down firmly. All good :slight_smile:

Not all painter tape is equally good, but blue painters tape have been mentioned to be good.