Tabs not displaying in preview nor cutting

I am using Easel pro and when I draw a shape, proscribe to cut all the way through, the “tabs” drop down shows up. all good. I can choose number of tabs, etc. But the tabs do not show up in the detail preview window on the right. It simply shows the cut as going all of the way through. The tabs do sometimes flicker on in the detail preview window - but they go away.
Worse yet, the tabs do not cut. I do not think this second issue is related to the specification of the thickness of the workpiece or the calibration being off because the cut correctly stops just at the spoilboard after cutting all of the way through the workpiece.
So in other words - the displayed detail view (with the tabs shown) ends up being correct! But I have selected the tabs command and they correctly show in the drawing window on the left?

Easel does not show the tabs in the 3d preview, only the yellow dots in the design panel and if you simulate and look closely on the toolpath lines you will see the tabs.

However a common issue with procreate users is that the lines are usually duplicated, resulting in a double cut unless the user selects centerline stroke path in procreate.

Can you share the easel project and i can take a look and record a short video showing what i mean if the double line is the issue causing the tabs to be recut by the 2nd pass…
In easel go to project>share and then change it from private to unlisted, then copy that link and click save,then paste the link over here. Thanks!

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