Tabs not showing up

I haven’t paid much attention to the detailed preview until I had a problem the other day. Just looked at a project and the tabs do not show up on the detailed view. Don’t show up in the simulation either. Anyone know whats going on?

Just checked a few other projects with the same result.

It looks like it might be a bug. What I’m not sure of is if it’s only the visualization or if the actual carve will not include the tabs since they are indeed on the left side.

I sent an email to engineering to make them aware along with a link to your file.

its gotta just be in the preview as the toolpath includes the tabs

I did a test and the tabs are there.
@WorkinWoods that on the preview must not have rotated enough. Shouldn’t it show up and down movement as well?

@ChrisRice yes you should see it on the toolpath with the movement. I think it’s an issue with the preview since you are seeing it on the left side and the machine is carving it.

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yeah i just pulled up one of my other projects in easel and yeah it is not really showing it well kinda but not really it would be nice to see the retract/lead-out moves in green

but aside from the simulation view the gcode looks to be solid

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I just heard back from engineering. The are aware of the issue and are working on it.