Tabs starting position

I find super weird that Easel always decides to put the tabs in the corners and such, even when it is a rectangle. A simple definition of the starting point would be super useful.

If is simpler to implement, it could be just two small button “nudge left/right”

PS: I know tabs can be dragged, but I am usually fine with evenly spaced, just think it would be useful to move the starting point

I agree. I also think it would be nice to add individual tabs if needed, because it’s frustrating when you get your tabs laid out, realize you need one more, change the quantity by one more and all the previously placed tabs are moved.


Yeah, in general it would be nice more tab controls. I was experimenting adding my own tabs and I managed to corrupt the whole project:


But, I managed to add an offset:

I need to find a way to make it interact with the interface.

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