Tailmaker software

Has anyone heard of this software?


Looks intriguing and cool but the website states that it outputs in universal g-code (?)

Will this work with an x carve? maybe the post processor for vcarve pro work? I have the demo version on my shop confuser but haven’t had time to fiddle with it yet so I thought I would put it before the masses for other opinions.

I saw that. It is good features for Dove Tail lowers, like me. Only problem is you have to change table configuration for it. Can’t do tails and pins while board is laying down flat. Cut true Dove Tail option does but, V-Carve Pro have that Gadget already. Rest of them you have to clamp your work piece vertical to in front of the machine. It is not impossible, but is it worth to change table configuration??? because cutting my table is not very much my interest.
I interested for half blind and decorative dove tail options.
By the way, it does some of them with 15% jig, same dove tail V-Carve Pro Gadgets.

That looks awesome. I’d love to hear if someone tested it.

@paulkaplan 's box maker app in Easel seems like a poor person’s version


It was announced and tested on a woodworking forum I happened across. Quite a bit of feedback from members of the forum and lots of testing and some very nice results.

Do you have a link @WillAdams?

I’m going out to my play pen (shop ) this evening and if I get the time , plan on running the demo to see if it’ll work. I’ll post pics if it does…

If I’m not misremembering even worse, it was CNCzone: http://www.cnczone.com/forums/diy-cnc-router-table-machines/169966-cad-software.html#post1741506

@JkWestphal I forgot there are other free and easy box generator apps like Makercase or makeabox.io

Both of those are super simple to use and spit out an .svg which you directly import into Easel.

You have the option of a couple of different types of joints, including finger joints.