Takes a long time to start carving

In easel I’ve done a design and hit carve and it’s taking a good 10 minutes before it actually starts moving.

Is it my computer sucks or do I have a problem elsewhere?

Please share your project, it may be due to complex path generation.
Click Share->Public->copy URL and click save. Post URL here.

Hi Hal

It was due to the number of nodes to calculate I think as I switched to an outline only of the same design and it went through straight away.

Bit pants the a purpose built software can’t cope with a fairly simple picture. I’ll post the outcome on the outline only shortly

Sharing the project may provide others to chime in on feed rate/depth etc in case there is something to improve in that regard.

In the case of say V-bit carving multiple stepdown/small stepover greatly increase the number of nodes.