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Hi All
Another noob question!
I have bought a few new bits and entered most into the Easel Pro Tool box for future use. (great feature)
The only one I cant figure is how to enter a tapered bit correctly so the cut path is correct.
I have a 2 flute tapered bit set in 6mm shank
Radius = 1.0mm per lateral angle 5.2 degrees.
Do I set the cutting diameter to 1.0mm?
I am confused as the installed 90 degree v bit say cutting diameter 1/2 inch but obviously the tip is less!

Thanks in advance

Easel only supports End Mills and V Bits natively. There are processes for using other types of bits, like a standard radius bit, by adjusting stepovers and things like that. However a tapered ball bit is not natively supported by Easel and would require a number of work arounds to get it to function properly to generate the proper toolpath, even so portions of the toolpath would end up being wasted time carving air.

Tapered Ball bits are primarily used for 3D relief carvings and since Easel does not do that, those bits cannot be entered into the toolbox.

The 1/2" is a reference to the largest diameter of the bit, at the top… the tip of true vbits is perceived to be 0 and they come to a perfect v with no flat tip. As such, flat tipped V bits are also not supported natively within Easel, although there are similar work arounds as mentioned above…

BTW all of the workarounds I have mentioned are time consuming and not worth the value of sourcing the proper bits Easel is designed for.

Thanks once again Seth!

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You mention 6mm shanks. Do you have a 6mm collet?
If not you will have trouble and possibly damage your 1/4" collet.

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Hi Mark - yea I have a 6mm collet (I’m in the UK) but thanks for checking!

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