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Tapered bullnose bit

Very newbee question
Is there a difference between a bullnose bit and a tapered bullnose bit?
If so does inventables sell a tapered bullnose ?

Yes there is a difference.
One is straight and the other is tapered.
Take a look here.
I buy quite a few from them.

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@ChrisAchtschin Ball or Bull? Two different things.
Regardless, the taper allows for a thicker shank (stronger) on a smaller tip (more detail).

My mistake it’s a ball nose bit. It is used in a vectric project/tutorial making a 3D golf award. I have a 1/8 ball nose that i got from inventables. I don’t see any tapered ball nose bits on the inventables store.

Lots of info here with pictures of the database setup in Vcarve. Link I use this tapered ball-nose all the time. Link

I made this tap handle for my customer.

If you want this kind of detail, you will need a tapered ball nose end mill like David shows.

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Looks nice!

How did you make the handle? Did you do this in easel with a g-code, or use a different software?

I use Vectric Desktop software exclusively.
I have never used Easel because its tied to the internet.
Go to the Vectric website, and you can download a full version for a free try out.

same here, can’t stand easel for same reason.
thumbs up on your project .

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