Tapered Text/Tool Path

Can anyone tell me if Easel is able to taper text and tool paths like the link below? I’m not concerned about the 3D leaves and petals at this point but mostly using text that will taper at the ends as shown here. I know it requires a V-bit but I’m mostly concerned as to whether or not I can get started and purchase the X-Carve without the V-Carve software for now.


I know it requires the correct font as well. Just wondering if there’s Z-Axis support in Easel that will allow for this type of cut like in the Vino De Rosa text in the sign.

The letters will be carved all at the same depth. Easel doesnt support the vcarving toolpaths required to carve the letters as shown. You can use a small straight bit to carve the font but it wont look the same.

There is a free ap called F-engrave that can be used to do vcarving but i dont have much experience with it

I used F-Engrave to V-carve the text and dial on a pair of locking register calipers (modeled after a par in the H.O. Studley Tool Cabinet)


Worked quite well.

There are some configuration changes which need to be done to support Grbl: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/F-Engrave