Tapering the flat surface of a board

Hello - I am looking to taper a flat board, which is 8" x 14" laying flat. I want to taper the board starting at 4 3/8" from one end down to the end of the board (0º) at a 10º angle. I have tried to figure out how to do this, and I can only think it must be using 3D. Any thoughts, please? P.S. I am not looking to taper the edge, only the flat surface.

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I would create a wedge (table saw and maybe make a few wedges) to support the board from below at the 10deg angle on the CNC wasteboard, then run a surfacing toolpath to make the top of the board flat, this would transfer the wedge angle over to the board… making it 10deg.

Thanks for the reply, Seth. I think you’re right, a jig of wedges may work out, especially that I have to do many of these over time. I’ll give it a whack and post the results.

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In the end, I created a series of lines in Illustrator which divided the 4 3/8 inch into equal sections and created a SVG file. Once in Easel, I stepped the depth for each line downward from 3/4" to 0 and carved the taper. I did have to do some minor sanding afterwards, but because I was going to use this on multiple projects over time, the fiddling let me do 9 tapers at a time. Because the cuts were so shallow, I was able to increase the speed of the feed considerably.

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