Target Icon on Toolbar?

There is an icon on the toolbar that looks like a target (between the pen and the ‘T’). What is this? I can’t find it on the help files and it doesn’t show up on the little animated clips. It looks like a way to define points on the screen, but I can’t find any way to snap lines to them.

After posting this, I just figured out those are for drilling holes. That leaves the question of how to specify point locations in Easel. Is there a way to type in the exact locations of points on a line?

Use the drop down menu and enter the value xy point

Thanks for the quick reply. Do you mean the ‘Shape’ menu? That seems to let me position a whole shape, but not locations of individual points. I might still be missing something.

Yes. I don’t have easel in front of me at the moment but at the top of the shape menu there are five position points. One for each corner and the center. Select the center point. To the right of that is the area for the position. (X,Y) type in the exact position you want to drill. I did this for my star video to place my stars exactly where I wanted them. On the video with the making of the knobs I used the drill feature the same way. Here is a video

Thanks :slight_smile:

Here is the othe video on the drill feature