Targ's Workshop Build Log ... First Cuts

Got my drawers built and installed … tomorrow i should be able to put the bottom of the torsion on the table.



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The mobile CNC workstation is done. with the exception of the electronics enclosure … I’ll complete that when i wire up the X-Carve.

the backside of the torsion was added. I cut some areas out to access the nuts and bolts for the pivot points and legs:

And all put together. the table top is solid as a rock. I can’t wait to get the X-Carve mounted to it … hopefully this weekend.



This is great!

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@RussellSauers as soon as i finish assembling the X-Carve, it will get mounted. I just need to finish wiring it up, and a few odds and ends to take care of. I should be posting videos of the fold up cart in the near future … hopefully next weekend, and i will be providing free plans for anyone that wants to build one as well.

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On a sad note, I cleaned up and tuned up my Shapeoko 2 so it is ready for it’s new home. I’m gonna miss that little guy :frowning:



Got the X-Carve mounted to the cart. Just need to wire it up and get cutting …




the X-Carve is held on with the same brackets that hold the bottom extrusions together.


Man that looks great!

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Yup. Looks awesome!

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Looks really good bud!

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Do you have the build plans/instructions for that. I would defiantly be interested in making one myself. It’s a great idea and looks really good.



@SteelGardner I am hoping to get the plans worked up next week. My wife is about to have a baby so that might throw a wrench into that plan, but i will get it done as soon as possible. I’m glad you like it.


Sweet @Targs_Workshop! I will be looking forward to plans. Best to you with a newborn on the way.

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:love_hotel: Wishing you luck for new Baby. (Don’t even think about naming baby "X-Carve) :slight_smile:

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Very nice design, I’m going to have to do some R&D (Ripoff and Duplicate) your overall idea. I may try and do more of a Paulk style top but overall I love your design. If you don’t mind sharing your sketchup, I would appreciate it and congrats on the baby.

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thanks, I didn’t create it in sketchup. I am in the process of making some plans to distribute, but that is taking longer than anticipated (with baby and all). I am hoping to get it together by the end of next week, but i’m not making any promises. If you message me your email, i can send you an stl file to get you a head start.

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Got my first cut video up on youtube. It cut well once i figured out how deep I could cut. The X-carve ran great with no missed steps or misalignments. I am however a little disappointed with the stock spindle, it could not cut very deep at all.

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Man, babies take up a lot of time!!! Still working on the folding table cart video and plans, but its just taking forever. I have been able to get up 2 videos though … my X-Carve review and creating a half tone image …


Take care of your wife
And give her a big hug from a Swede :smiley:

will do :sunglasses:

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Hi Matt

Do you have made a cuttinglist for the X-carve table ?
I have cut the piece where the x-carve to be placed,
but not the things on the left (with the drawer)
I can´t figure out the dimensions

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