TBD CNC Y risers or CNC 4 Newbie X risers?

I was curious to hear peoples thoughts on raising the y axis versus raising the x axis.
In theory, both upgrades do the same thing but would love to hear what the community thinks. TBD CNC Y risers or CNC 4 Newbie X risers? Someone on here certainly must know or have an opinion. I was about to buy TBD CNC Y risers but now we have to wait for Inventables start selling them so I’m exploring other options for the same effect.

Am I missing something here…but raising the Y rails would also raise the X axis. No?

I have the TBD Y risers. I looked at the cnc4 website and the X risers are taller aluminum plates that raise up the x axis. Given the difference in density between the parts, I’d go with the X riser myself. I wish all the components were thick aluminum like that. They are more expensive as well.

Xcarve risers (cnc4newbie.com)

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I went with CNC4Newbie riser as well. I purchased my X stiffeners, larger motors and belt kit from TBD. At the time TBD motors were a direct plug in to Inventables wiring harness.

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There are two options. Raising the Y axis with TBD would ultimately raise the X axis. Or you could use CNC4 to just raise the X. The question is one better then the other?

While I’ve not looked, I’m guessing X axis plates would be more expensive than Y axis plates. The Y plates are much smaller. :wink: