Tear Out with Xcarve

Can anyone help with cleaning up tearout like this?\

Cleaning like after the carve or during?

After the carve I use sandpaper or a sanding sponge to clean it.

During the carve, switch to a downcut bit and it’ll be a clean surface.


Thank you @JustinBusby

Yeah I meant during the carve. I was using sandpaper but it becomes cumbersome for larger cuts.

I’ll try the downcut bit, thanks!

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That will make a big difference! Think you will like the results.

Sanding sponge, as suggested, also works wonders.

Downcut bits are good, straight 2 flute bits are the best for clean surface. Just keep in mind.

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If you get amazing at CNC you can run a chamfer bit over the profile. But for now stick with upcut for the bulk/hog and downcut for the finish pass.

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[quote=“Phantomm, post:7, topic:53907, full:true”]… you can run a chamfer bit over the profile.[/quote] Better have that waste board super flat and a good probe measurement. :wink: