Tech Support Hours

Does anyone know what the tech support hours are at Inventables?

I looked under support but no hours are listed and I really need to speak to someone.

Found it 9 - 5 CST … Leaves us guys on the East hung out to dry for 2 hours as we start at 8 EST.

It completely sure but I think it was 8-5 CST

Hi @DebbieLee! @PhillipLunsford is correct - our team is available from 8-5 pm CST Monday - Friday.

Hey @JessieFritz

Web page is incorrect then :slight_smile:

Sent in an email reply to a support ticket at 8 A.M. EST still haven’t heard anything back. What is normal turn around?


They do their best to answer all cases that come in during business hours on the same day!

That’s a little long when you started a support ticket yesterday and the machine is still down, wouldn’t you agree?

It appears from a reply yesterday it is a bug as well ,so even more reason to find out what is going on.

We have a business to run and are now 5 hours behind and counting and have 14 jobs waiting in the queue.

Christmas rush and all…