I am seriously interested in the x-carve, but I do all my woodworking in a small unheated building. My questions are, what temperatures is the machine safe to be stored in and what temperature are safe to operate the machine?

It is more an operator issue than machine issue :wink:

That is great. Set up the machine to cut, walk inside or go to my real job and let it do it’s thing. Also how loud is the machine when cutting a hard wood?

You should always be near your machine when carving in case something goes wrong and you must stop the carve. Be safe!

With wood one usually want “low” router / spindle RPM. Most use the Dewalt 611 which has a minimum 16k RPM point.
At that rpm the noise is mostly related to the bit cutting wood, not really loud in most cases. But one can easily add sound attenuating surfaces to reduce that even more.

As Phillip mention, stay safe. Leaving the CNC unattended when running is not safe practice.
Adding a baby monitor / Wifi Cam or similar can provide “presence” but that won’t help if you are 30minutes away :wink:

Thanks for the info and very quick response.

is there a point at which temperature has any effect on the machine itself though? Like could it slow down the x controller or anything? Mine is going in an insulated but unheated shop. I don’t think I’ll have any over-heat issues in summer but winter here can get pretty frigid. Was thinking if needed I could build some sort of heated enclosure for the computer part (not my laptop just all those green boards inside the x controller).

Machine and electronics dont mind cold, but lubricant may become harder. What’s destructive is humidity which must be avoided :slight_smile:

To beat humidity you dont need much heat, only some :slight_smile:

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What about the other side… heat i live in chaparsal NM and it gets to 110 to 120…