Tension belt

Anybody having problems with their tension belts. Ive had 3 snap on me and I can’t seem to find the problem.

steel core belts can be found online, these are stronger than the GT3 which have a fiberglass core, which are stronger than the GT2 which have no reinforcement in the core… Also hopefully you are applying the correct 3lbsof tension at 1" lift per the instructions?

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Hello Luis,
I broke 2 belts when I first started carving on my XCarve, I was setting them to tight. I had read that they should have a twang to them when you pluck-em. Wrong!! As Seth said above they should have 1" lift in the middle or 3-4lbs of tension in the middle when raising the belt 1". Majority of the time people are setting the belts to tight causing them to break.
That is for the 6mm belts, I don’t know the correct tension for the new 9mm belts.

I’ll definitely have to look more into that because I don’t remember seeing that in the setup instructions.

Maybe that’s what my problem is then. The setup instructions said for it to be tight like you said but I’ve had 2 pop on me. I’m going to have to losen it up some. I also had my z axis belt break on me, have any fixes to that?

That little round belt?
No, I’ve never had that one break

Yup that’s the one. I make sure to keep all my belts off the walls so that it don’t have that friction or whatever but still broke on me. I’ll have to watch it closer

the first half of this video explains it much better than the written instructions. (the pendulum thing at the 2nd half of the video is a little hokey, but in a pinch it could work i guess…)

the instructions here: Calibration and Maintenace - X-Carve Assembly Link to a 2015 forum thread that is all over the place about 6lbs, 5lbs, 2lbs… but I do recall finding the 3lbs somewhere posted from an official inventables account…

The documentation of the belt tension is definitely unclear and needs improvement

yeah, the z upgrade eliminates that Z belt entirely

I did break my X axis belt, it was a pain to change.


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