Test carve losing position and carving in the wrong place

so everything seemed fine all in alignment then part way through craving (when i wasn’t in the room) it went right off track lost its position and started carving in the wrong place as you can see, what might be the problem here

The usual advice here is to check your belt tension, make sure your pulleys on the motors are tightened properly, and try it again. If the problem persists, look into adjusting the pots on your G-shield to make sure the motors are receiving enough current. :smile:

all axis’s seem to track well belts seem fine and the motors don’t seem to be under any strain which is why i cant figure this one out, guess I’ll try adjusting the pots as you have suggested

Ok, and you double-checked to make sure your pulley setscrews are tightened down snugly? Those can be insidious when they slip, since it’s almost impossible to see. If you check the forum here, you’ll find several posts on the correct method of adjusting your pots for best performance.

Compared to my first carve, I would say you did a great job putting it together. Your cuts look to be a correct and consistent depth, the lines are nice and straight, it looks like everything is pretty tight (not a lot of chatter). So you probably just need to adjust the motor voltage (or tighten a belt).

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It’s motor voltage, I had the same issue on my test carve. When it does the rapid for the second part of the carve it looses its steps.

Here’s one of the best compendiums of problems that can cause lost steps:

ok so slightly increased power to steppers and increased router rpm all seems good at the moment