Test cut problems

Hi, I inserted the only bit that I see in the delivery, and then when I went through test setup the bit sounds like it’s getting stuck, then comes out of the collet and is kind of wedged in the wood at an angle. I powered everything down, inserted the bit what I imagined to be the right depth (not leaving it higher than the z-rail carriage plus my cut depth, and got the same thing. Any input what I am doing wrong? I homed the machine to where it touched the surface before beginning.

If it’s wedged in the wood on an angle it sounds like it wasn’t fully \ properly seated in the collet and \ or the nut wasn’t fully tightened on the router itself…

Yes, that sounds about right. I’m unsure how far to seat it. If I insert it and keep inserting it it doesn’t bottom out until I think it’s much too far in. So I guess that it needs to just be extending lower than the z axis? And then I guess I must try to tighten it down more

Yeah, I typically make a line on the shaft of the bit about 1.5" from the non-working end (the part you insert) with a sharpie, then insert until I hit the line, then crank the nut as tight as I can…

The general rule of thumb on a router is to push the bit all the way in until it bottoms out… then pull the bit out ~1/8th (you don’t want the bit pushed all the way in… just ‘almost’ all the way in).

However, with the DW611 on my X-Carve… I do exactly what @DarrylKegg does.

You shouldn’t worry about the Z-Axis at all… other then its raised high enough to get the bit in.

Are you sure you’re not putting the drill bit that inventables sends? That would be very bad.

Hi, well that is exactly what I was doing! :slight_smile: I assumed the included bit was to be used with it, it’s not? This was the fluted two sided bit something or other. What is that bit for? I guess that explains why it wasn’t working, its not as long as other drill bits? Thanks for your help

In general, I’ll put my bit in and leave 1/16" or so of unfluted shaft sticking out past the collet. If you try to tighten the collet on the flutes, you’ll tear it up and drastically increase your runout.

Hi thanks for clarifying, that is the one I was using.