Test pattern way too large

I ran my first test on the X-Carve using the default test pattern. I loaded a 5"x12" piece of cedar just to run a quick test. It’s what I had lying around. The pattern carved was ~5x too large. Luckily I stopped the test quickly after the end mill broke. The feed rate was also way too fast since it thought it was moving shorter distances.

I had issues similar to this thread and had to upload the grbl hex file to get the system to run. I followed the instructions in this thread. I loaded the grbl hex file and everything was working fine, but I think this somehow messed up the calibration of the tool. I used easel and have the settings correct. How do I change the calibration settings to make sure that it’s using the correct in/step? Is there a good way to verify these settings that don’t include running a test carve? I’d rather measure steps (command 1", measure 1"). Has anyone else had similar issues?

I described how to calibrate the axes in this post: Z axis not accurate

I’d think your issue had something to do with accidentally using inches instead of millimeters, but I’d expect it to be ~25x larger, not ~5x.

I’m interested to see what your calibration looks like. My X and Y axes calibrations started out at 40 steps/mm, and I think the Z was about 189 steps/mm, with the ACME thread.

Hey Robert,

Thanks for the help!

My original estimate wasn’t too far off. I measured the distances traveled by the stage vs. commanded distances. Here is the data:

X commanded: 10mm
X actual: 62.1mm

Y commanded: 10mm
Y actual: 62.1mm

Z commanded: 10mm
Z actual: 10mm

Here are the programmed values you are suggesting changing:


I think this is the issue – I need to change my calibrations to around 40 steps/mm. Does anyone have the exact default values? Any idea how mine got set to ~6.2 times higher than normal? Thanks for the help. I’ll update when I find the exact values for X and Y, but after changing $100=40.000 and $101=40.000 it’s much, much closer to correct. Thanks for the help!


I measured mine at 500 mm distances for the X and Y axes using a 600 mm scale I ordered from Amazon, and my Z using a dial indicator and a spindle mount I made for it that I’ll be uploading as a project soon.

My original values were 40, 40, and 188.976 (or thereabouts). Start with them, then just make the longest run you can accurately measure and adjust until you’re down to the accuracy you’re happy with.