Testing gbrl settings

James Dean Designs has a tutorial for adjusting settings for acceleration of x y and z axis and uses a program to move the axis back and forth, is this program available?

What program?
You can use any program to jog the machine back and forth. Easel will do whatever you want in that regard.

James is using UGS , Universal Gcode Sender, in that video.
If the question is whether it’s comparable with x-carve, Yes it is

In the tutorial the spindle moves rapidly from left to right and back again, I have not been able to come up with a project that achieves this.

Personally I run OpenBuilds, and James referenced his software of choice in this video and gives a little run through of UGS. (Its the logo 2 above his head in this photo too. )

If you want it to run repeatedly on its own, you could handwrite a gcode file.
If it’s a controlled, one-move-at-a-time, you could enter commands into the console in the machine inspector.

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