Testing the waters with this 1000mm West Texas

Moving across the state soon and haven’t really used this as much as planned. So I’m thinking about selling it in order to dwindle the amount of hobbies I have and focus on some others. Would prefer to not ship.

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Can you give some info on the specs of the machine. Looks like the 611 head. Nema 23’s? What else comes with it. I’ve got one now but might be interested in a second one. What are you looking to get out of it? I’m also in West Texas. I most likely would not be interested in your table setup.

How much are you looking for? Table/“cage” included? Any upgrades or is it stock?

Here is my original order i was hoping to get $1200 out of it table included.

I’m in Atlanta and would not be interested in the table with it. But I can meet your offer if you don’t mind going through the trouble to ship. Email me at jakestrange111@gmail.com

I’m interested. I’m located in Houston.

Just checking do you still have the x carve for sale?

Do you still have this for sale? I’m in San Antonio…

Do you still have your machine? I’m in Ft. Worth.

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Is this still for sale? I’m in Houston.