Text behaving badly


So I’ve got 26 post codes (UK version of a ZIP code) to cut out of 6mm birch ply. The 6 digit codes need a bar across the bottom to join the letters. they all need to be the same size.

The odd thing is when i create the text and change the size, the letters are the size i want. Easel seems to include a large blank area above the text. I have to explode the text and then combine them again to get the size right. Fine when its 1 or 2 but its going to add a LOAD of time to do it this way. How do i get easel to behave?

Can you add a link to your project. I just had to cut letters and had to do a work around also. Im wondering if we are talking about the same thing.

I think this shows it best
The test should be 150mm tall. the box around the text is but the letters are much smaller.

Easel measures the box not the text. Just enlarge the text to the size you want and don’t worry about the box.

Surly that can’t be how it is surpost to work? The box is meaningless surly you should size the text not an imaginary box around it. How would you size the text? Just line up against the measurement on the drawing surface? Seems like a error in easel.

I have been using it for almost 2 years and if there is another way i am not sure what it is.

Here’s a workaround that may hep:
Using the square tool, add a box behind (send to back) your text. Make sure the box completely surrounds your text and the cut is set to fill. Now change the depth of cut to zero. The box should now be white. Select both the text and the box and go to Edit and click Combine. Your test will now be treated like and object rather then text and you can enter precise dimensions.


i’m wondering if someone from Inventables can shed some light on this issue or is it an intentional feature for some reason. @JeffTalbot @Zach_Kaplan

Hi @Alex1380! The reason it works this way is because the text box has room to allow for letters/characters of different sizes. I’m going to touch base with our Product team today to see if I can get anymore insight for you.


This is how I get around the text not being true measurements
Change your material size to the width and height you want your text, just drag the text to fit the material box. Then change your material back to the correct size.