Text / Bit Change and then Cutout

I am very new to Easel and to CNC in general. I make crosses from cedar and cut them out using easel. I want to add text to them before the cutout. I have created the files and set the bit and depth for each cut but will have to change from V bit to end mill to cut out the cross. How do I set the program so that it stops at the bit change and then allows me to change the bit and then continues?

https://easel.inventables.com/projects/sGnbdESwTUoWSu1BdxgmxQ Something like this


you would need to take advantage of the “workpiece” panel at the bottom to have control of which bit goes where… you can see this here, when I setup these catch all trays, using the endmill to create a pocket, then the vbit to carve the design, then the endmill again to cut the perimiter… you’d just skip the initial pocket part for your process:

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