Text Cut Backwards?

For some reason the text on this cut backwards. Is it my machine or something I did with the file?

[test cut project]

I think there was a thread about this happening once before. If I remember right he had his X motor connected to the Y controller and the Y motors connected to the X controller. Should be easy to check using the job controls If you tell it to move left and it goes backwards or forwards then your motors are not connected correctly.

This just in, I’m an idiot and reversed the x and y connections as described here too. If you make the same mistake now at least you hopefully find this thread and don’t have to admit to it publicly.

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I look at it as you’ve now documented a process for cutting text backwards without the hassle of making changes in Easel… :smile:

Be great for Stamp Making

You can reverse the axis in machine inspector too.
I just flip things in illustrator.