Text Cutouts

So I’ve read through some discussions from back in 2017/18 about using Easel to cutout words, names and so on. Today I tried to do a cutout of the word Oasis in the font Pacifico but the “O” is not attached to the rest of the word “asis”. Is there a way to get the two letters to connect so that when the machine cuts out the word it will all be one peice?

X-Carve rookie.

My quick-take:

  • Write the word you want
  • Use the Xploder app in Easel Apps
  • Delete the text original text object
  • Move the vectorized letters so they touch, as seen fit
  • Select and set all letters to “Fill” and full depth, and then Combine
  • Now set path to Outside :slight_smile:

Thank you! That worked perfectly!