Text did not Carve correctly

This was my 3rd piece I carved, aside from original test. For some reason the Text didn’t carve out correctly. The first 2 test cuts I did were great. It looks like it only carved the end points of the letters. Any thought or help would be appreciated.

Would it be possible to post a picture and screen shot or link to the Easel file?

http://easel.inventables.com/projects/UjfXfTX0cI8wkAQxR2J2QQ Hete is the link to the file. I’m sure it was “operator error”. I just can’t seen to find where I went wrong.

It looks like your bit size (1/8) is larger than the width of the letters in the word BACFAT where it has the serifs. The little alert box is trying to explain that but it didn’t do a good enough job in this case. To fix it you can make the letters large enough such that a 1/8" bit can fit in there or you can select a smaller bit. I tried the 1/32" bit and it seems to fit but it would take a really long time to carve. We added a “Beta” feature that lets you use 2 different sized bits. You can access it in the machine menu. If you first use the 1/8" bit and then the 1/32" bit you benefit from the speed of the 1/8" and the small diameter of the 1/32". I noticed you are going down to a depth of 0.12222.

To speed up the process even further you can make your total depth a denomination of the depth per pass. Also it looks like you are using an X-Carve and can probably increase the feedrate a bit.

The original

The revised using 2 bits

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Thank you very much. I am so happy with my choice to buy this machine. This forum and the customer service is unmatched.