Text does not appear in preview

Sometimes text does not appear in the preview. (But flashes after changing cut depth). It appears in red if I add to preview the “uncut areas.”

What settings should I be checking to solve the problem? I only know to:

Check cut depth is >0.

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sound like cutter is too large for those red spots? try smaller cutter and/or a two-cutter pass. Do a cleanup pass with smaller cutter will only target red spots .

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This occurs when and endmill is selected and that endmill is too large to fit into a pocket. You’d either need to make the design larger, use a smaller endmill, use a vbit of any size, OR change the cut type from pocket to any of the path related options.

If this doesn’t help, you can share the project via the share link (go to Project>Share, then Change it from Private to Unlisted and copy that link, then paste it over here) and we can review your specific project and advise.

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