Text misaligned

I was carving a plaque with two lines of text and a picture. On my workpiece I centered the two lines of text at the top of the plaque, when it was carved the second line of text was not centered to the first line of text. I have many plaques with multiple lines of text and this is the first time this has happened. Any suggestions?

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I can only suggest causes as none are shown, but sounds like the machine lost steps transitioning from 1st to 2nd line of text.

If so how do you correct? I eliminated the original and redid the plaque imported pic again entered text centered everything same result I recarved another plaque that I had made previously and it carved fine just this one project will not carve correctly. right when i stopped the machine Also when carving the plaque that did not come out bad when I stopped the machine it did not return to the original home position

No idea because we really have no means to see what you experience.
Show us your project file and snap a pic of the failed carve, these elements can shed a ton of light as to what may be going on.

Its like you claim your car dont move, but provide no information about gas in the tank, dead battery or the car is up against a wall :wink: More input please :slight_smile:


The bounding box in Easel text is misleading and can place your text differently than you would expect.
Show us a photo of the issue for a better review.

Check set screws on your stepper motors, I’ve experienced that same issue before and it drove me nuts until I went through the machine checking all belts screws and wheels

here are pictures

Can you share the Easel project or the resultant gcode?



By sharing Easel Neil suggest you go to Easel - File - Share - Share with link, copy URL and click Save. Paste URL here.

Having said that the 2nd line of text is certainly in the incorrect location suggesting that your machine lost steps during positioning for the 2nd line. Steppers stalled or axis bumping into a physical barrier causing it to loose position.