Text not showing up in preview

I don’t have my first CNC machine, yet, working on it. :smile:

I am making new workshop benches for tools, assembly, etc… I want to have the tops like an MFT table with 20mm holes for bench dogs. For kicks I went into Easel today and created a new project, one to make a mold so I can make some plastic bench dogs. When I was done with the necessary holes, etc. I added some text, so I know what the pattern is for. The text does not show up in preview.

What am I missing?

Your text is too small for your current bit, it will show up if you use a v bit…

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Thank you! I think I’m starting to see how Easel works, roughing vs detail pass, and only those two passes. If I wanted a 3rd pass then I’d have to create another project, if I understand correctly.

The preview window will only show what’s it’s capable of carving. Trying to carve a 1/8" thick line with a 1/4" bit won’t show up because the bit is too large. Make sense?

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You could just create a new workpiece on the same project. Use the previous Detail Bit as the Roughing Bit on the new workpiece and then your smaller bit as the Detail Bit on the new workpiece. Then, only cut the Detail Pass from the new workpiece after the other workpiece Roughing & Detail passes have been milled.


Brandon Parker