Text or email alert upon finish

While I know it is best to monitor your project. Its not always possible. An alert from the ‘yes it looks great’ screen would be amazing.


My opinion on this…
This encourages unsafe behavior.
I’m all for someone else to hack something like this together, however I hope Inventables takes the safe route and never implements a feature like this.

BTW ChiliPeppr supports this!

I certainly agree, and prefaced my post with the fact that it is slightly irresponsible. However, you could look at the flip side that it may save a chance of fires or other mishaps by alerting you to a finished project, or other stoppage. I got the idea from chilppr. And think it should be optional. With a stern warning check box.

Well there is a difference between being far away and working on other things in the room and getting notified that it’s truly done…