Text slow to add, and adjusts entire area

Im having this constant issue, where when I want to modify a text box, (either add or subtract text) it adjusts the entire text box, usually making it smaller (do not recall it ever getting bigger) regardless if im adding or subtracting text. I found that if I pin the box, it wont shrink, but that’s an annoyance.
Im having a secondary issue where the more text I add, the slower easel operates. To the point that it lags behing the input up to 30 seconds before adding single text letters at a time. I have a fast computer, hardlined, with great internet.
At this point, unless its just a line or two, adding text is almost impractical. Spent the last 30 minutes writing 3 sentences. To me, its the autosave feature constantly doing its thing. If you don’t feel its the autosave feature, as you have posted in prior forums, what could be the problem? what can I do to increase my productivity when adding text?
Ive tried minimizing the preview, changing the depth, changing the font type… none doing anything.
I personally wish I could turn off the autosave feature, at the least to provide a piece of mind that it isn’t causing the issue… hard to believe when I watch the little circle coincide with the lag. Any help would be appreciated

edit to add, when it makes the text box smaller, it only adjusts left to right, and not top and bottom. (usually right side will shrink in)

Hi Brandon,

Could you provide an example Easel project link where you are seeing slowness?


I am having the same issue. I am trying to move tabs but it autosaves every inch and i end up waiting 5-6 seconds just to move a tab over.

I understand autosave is a great feature but can the team reduce the frequency?

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can you share the easel project link?
Like this:

HOW TO SHARE your Easel CNC Project with a SHARE LINK - YouTube