Texture App Question

Newby here. Just got my X Carve up and running a week ago. A question about the texture app. I am making a sign and cutting down the inside 1/4" and having the letters set to 0" depth. I would like to put a texture on the 1/4" portion of the sign. Is this controlled by the source depth and cut depth options on the texture app?

Once you create the texture you just put the letter on top of it and set the letter to 0 depth, it will cover up the texture, I think that is what you are asking

Thanks for the reply. To clarify, I would like to put the texture at the bottom of the oval. See attached photo. If the oval is set down 1/8" of an inch, what settings do I put in the app to make this happen?

I used the Texture Generator APP, click on the Lego Piece. I only used 2 settings as shown. Ethan has a video at the top of the APP explaining the parameters, It has been a long time since I actually used it for a project. You can up load you own design as well.

You don’t actually need the APP just pic your shape then put you image in it set the texture to cut deeper than the circle


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