Texture Help?

I’m looking for help/hire to design texture for a xmas gift I’m making. I’m not looking at Vectric line texture, I have something different in mind. I have a flat shape in the center of a circle. Flat area is going to have inlay. The balance of the circle would have the texture from the edge to the center shape all the way around. I’m not seeing any way to make this type of texture in Vectric, so I was wondering if someone on here with perhaps Aspire knows how to create directional texture, random that I can carve.

Hope that describes what I’m looking for and can get the conversation started with someone with these skills to create a design.
Thank you and Happy Workshopping

Perhaps you could show us an image or sketch that depicts what you have in mind.

Like this?

@NeilFerreri1 Yes, except the center is not a circle. The outside is a circle

The center edge is the Offset of the Heart/Infinity symbol

Perhaps a texture more like this, without so many lines and instead highs and lows in a radius.

If possible I’d like the texture to go flat against the Offset and a good 1/2" on the highs and lows outwards.

Does that make sense?

Not really. I can’t picture what you’re explaining.

High and low texture like this

I had sometime to work in VCarve, here’s a flat line diagram of what I’m looking for. The offset line of the heart and infinity is the inside boundary of the texture, the circle is the outer edge of the texture and the edge of the piece. I’d like the Texture similar to the last post I made, highs and lows of texture pattern.

I hope that helps show what I’m thinking. Let me know. Thank you

Without Aspire I cannot design the highs and lows, lest not that I know of.

Okay, I figured a way to get close to what is in my head. Without spending $1,300 for Aspire, this is going to be close enough.

The red is going to be Red Heart wood inlay.

And the final product