Thank You Inventables!

I just wanted to say that as a geek, I tend to have VERY expensive toys and hobbies, according to my wife. Whenever you spend money of any kind, you hate to wait for the justification and experience of having and playing with your new item. Understandably, this is a very particular product with many pieces to collect, fabricate and verify, so 4 weeks according to the ordering page sounded right; disappointing, but justifiable. I just received a VERY unexpected email from UPS saying I had an item from INVENTABLES arriving tomorrow. “WTF? Its like 5 weeks early!” (4 weeks for processing, 6-8 days for delivery) I just ordered it last week and am VERY excited to start building as soon as it arrives. I had plans for this weekend for straightening the house and cleaning out the garage and re-organizing my tools in the workshop area, but that is all out the window. Now the focus is ASSEMBLING!!!

Again, thank you for not only living up to what you said as per the website lead times, but TOTALLY surpassing it. I’m already very satisfied with your companies handling of my order so far. There are many steps yet to go, but this is a VERY promising start.


That’s just the beginning with these guys. Great company. Great group of people.

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Wait till you actually use it.

First time I showed output to my wife, she just stared at it and said 'NO WAY".
as a fellow geek with expensive hobbies, let me just say that was a happy and unexpected first.

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Those are the best e-mails :thumbsup:

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Save yourself some grief and make sure you have a relatively clan workspace to put this obsession together. Some of the parts are teensy weensy and are really talented at going places in your shop that you didnt know existed.
By the time I was “done” (you never really are…) i had stuff scattered from here to there and somewhere in between. And I tend to be meticulous when doing this sort of thing.

But above all, WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY! You have joined a group of like minded folks who will help you out, cheer you on and offer condolences when you goof it up. Practice on the cheap stuff first, dont ask me how I learned this…

I have an “OFFICE” where I have a 3D Printer and table for laptop that travels around with me and is where I work on my special projects. That will be where the X-Carve goes. The shop is only where general construction and cutting of large pieces of wood will take place, all else CNC/3D Printing-wise will be done in the “office” which is ready to accept the X-Carve. I have a large floor space for assembly and a bench ready to mount it on when complete. Can’t believe I’ll get to use them both so soon.

The anticipation is the hard part,then you enter the rabbit hole and things get REAL interesting…