THANK YOU to the community

Yesterday we launched the new X-Carve and the response has been tremendous. I’m humbled by the enthusiasm, intellect, and passion everyone has brought in this community.

In this thread I want to say THANK YOU. Thank you to everyone who has participated in this community. To all the people that have asked questions, posted answers, been frustrated, figured it out, built their machine without issue and those that had a broken part that needed a replacement. I want to thank every single person.

The community has grown and thrived way beyond my expectations. There have been 229,732 visits to this forum and 81,541 posts. Collectively we’ve logged into Easel over 1.5 million times and by the end of this year we’ll have carved over 1 million objects.

The energy, growth and scale of this community is mind boggling.

In addition to the conversations on this forum we get thousands of calls and emails each month. From teachers, students, hobbyists, and businesses. We hear your stories, your trials, and successes. You’ve sent us letters, pictures, and even projects. When I saw many of you at Maker Faire you were wearing Inventables T-shirts.

I want to say thank you because without you we wouldn’t be here today. We would not be able to add new features to Easel, new upgrades, and work on new products. I don’t pay the salaries at Inventables you do. The fact that you have invested in Inventables by buying our product means that we have been able to grow and do more for you. Phil Knight of Nike once said “for us, business was no more about making money then being human was about making blood”. At Inventables it’s the same way. The money is really the lifeblood that gives us the chance to work on the next idea for you.

I’m inspired every day when I see that new people have joined us. I’m inspired when people on this forum answer questions faster and more completely than we do at Inventables. I’m inspired that while I’m sleeping there are people in this community working on projects on the other side of the world in Australia and New Zealand.

I appreciate all your effort. Keep carving.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



Thanks to You, all the staff and especially ALL of the Customer Success Specialists that make Inventables a great place for us to Shop, Share and Learn CNC!

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You guys are making a GREAT product, and introducing CNC to a huge number of people who have never had a chance to get their hands on it before. I’m extremely glad to see your company experiencing success in your endeavors!

The new X-Carve looks to be the amalgamation and incorporation of basically ALL the concerns, issues, and wishlists of basically the collective forum, and I can only imagine that it will go even better than the original.

Keep up the good work, Zach, you guys are kicking ■■■ and taking names!

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I must say, when I was shopping around for a my first cnc without much experience with them, I don’t even remembered how I came across the Xcarve. But I read, researched and did a lot of thinking And finally decided to go with you guys. And yes, I was nervous to buy a machine all in pieces and without any warranty! It was a little frustrating putting it together and to finally get it to work just right, it took a while but with the help of the guys in the forum and the Inventables team it was possible to get it going. So all I want to say is that for the guys that are still thinking about buying this machine. The Inventables company is your warranty on this thing, they will not leave you hanging with a broken part and tell you “oh well”. Amazing customer service! They will do whatever they can to help you out, trust me. So thank you right back Zach and for putting together an amazing team! I hope you stay around for a long time.


+1 to all those previous comments. Great product, but more importantly, great service from a team that remember their roots and relate really well with the other members of the community. Keep that ethos, and your future is almost certainly assured.

Let me know when you’re ready to expand into Australia, and I’ll happily hitch my wagon to yours.

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We Thank you for building this community. I don’t even discuss if product you offered is good or bad. The reality is you build frienship between Countries. Take a look at other forums for different equipments, they are ice cold. We learned with your equipment, we stay around sometimes 24 hours a day to help newbies, we did this with proud and have fun. Still staying around. Especially some of us are realy realy good about this and never stop learning from them. They know themselves. I Thank all of you building this strong community and wish you good luck with new adventures.


Times 2. Great product, great community, great service!