Thank you!

I just wanted to “thank” everyone our there that for helping all of us “Newbies”. I appreciate you taking your time to answer our questions to get us up and running with our new XCarves. Things that you take for granted and don’t even think twice about… can be some real stumbling blocks for us. All of you seasoned veterans are a real treasure to some of us that are just starting out. Love all the directions you give us… and all of the great videos that you share with us. Most of the time the instructions and directions that are posted by the company might not be complete or explain everything in detail. That is where the forum comes to the rescue. I will have to say… the Inventables instructions are better than most companies… and I love the way the company takes care of its customers. Once again… a big “thank you”… to everyone out there for putting up with all of our newbie questions. You guys really make a difference.
Chuck Lyons Akron, Ohio