Thanks for existing, Easel!

You know, I just want to give a public thanks to Inventables for making Easel.

As more and more regular people get these advanced tools - like X-carves - in their workspaces, a lot of us come to quickly realize that they’re not laser printers. Theres a lot to learn and know to get what you want, and there’s a reason that people can make a whole career out of being CNC operators! But for hobbyists or tinkerers, we have a limited amount of time and brainspace we can devote to a skill and satisfy the demands on our time. So, the closer you can get to having one of these tools ‘just work’ the better. And I really think Easel makes that close to possible.

It really hit me yesterday when I needed to cut a perfect circle of MDF for something. I hopped on, clamped some board down, drew the circle, and hit ‘carve’. Done! The last time I had to do this with the tools I had available, it took me hours to rig up a trick with my table saw, and they turned out ‘ok’. My X-carve one was done in minutes and is perfect.

Sure, there are more advanced ways to control your machine out there, but definitely none more friendly and straight forward. So those tools are out there if you want to try and up your game, or need something outside the limits of X-Carve. But knowing X-Carve is there makes my machine more reliable, useful, and friendly. So, thanks.


Here, here!

I probably wouldn’t have bought the x carve if it wasn’t for easel. I’ve spent a little time trying to figure f engrave and the settings for machine zero, work zero, limits and blah blah blah are just not clicking with me. Maybe just need more time trying to figure it out, just don’t want to do a carve and crash my machine. Easel makes it VERY EASY. Ordering v carve soon, hopefully I can figure it out easier than f engrave.