Thanks Inventables; Great Service & Straight Answers!

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I am New to Inventables and CNC. I am impressed with the excellent personal service I have received and the straight forward answers I have found in this forum. I think I was one of the first to order a X Carve and in haste I got confused and irritated because of the Shapoko3 breakaway to Carbide 3D. In my haste I complained about followup that had to do with the Shapeoko3/Carbide team, but it was me not understanding who was with who. So today my phone rings and ZACH is calling me personally! He spent quite a while on the phone with me, showed a genuine interest in my craft and cnc goals, and even personally reviewed my order and helped me improve my future build experience. I was BLOWN AWAY. This is a very busy person who was genuinely concerned about customer service, and insuring his team was taking care of customers.

Every call and message I have made to the Inventables has been quickly and accurately answered flawlessly. I get straight answers, easy to understand, friendly cooperative help! Even more so evident in this forum. Look at how almost every single comment & question is quickly addressed with a straight answer, and when there’s no immediate answer they share their plans and visions and update progress. I learned long ago in my business development career that this open, accurate, and transparent approach breeds the best progress, creativity and customer retention. We are all makers and we are each others customers.

Put simply my experience with the Shapeoko3/Carbide 3D team has not gone this well. They have a great product and team as well I am sure, and I sincerely hope they can eventually match the high standard of customer service Inventables is already providing.

HATS OFF to YOU AND YOUR GREAT TEAM! I just can’t wait to get the X Carve and I am 100% confident I made the right choice!


Thanks Don, we really appreciate the feedback.

Thanks Don! What are you planning to make with X-Carve once you receive it?

I do Small but detailed and designer oriented woodworking. My Site is The wheels are turning on many ideas. Initially a lot of learning by doing. Then most everything woodworking, from Marquetry and Designer Pieces, to Logo’s and Text for customers, I will make a couple simple instruments as I get more skilled. I am very new and completely inspired by this great community!

That’s a nice web site DonDespain. I’m a woodworker too. And a graphic designer. So both of these interests work good together with CNC.