Thanksgiving projects

Need inspiration. I did a quick search and found nothing to speak of. What kind of projects are all you guys and gals doing for thanksgiving?

What about an M&M pooping turkey based on @PhilJohnson reindeer?

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Napkin rings or candle base/holder

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I’m limited on time. There are deer to be killed, then ducks.

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I wanna make a “gluttony champ trophy”. Our family tests the limits every year and see who eats the most by volumes of plates. To the victor goes the spoils

This should be just perfect then!


Ok that original but is that done on the CNC…lol

Oh, BTW, the deer and the ducks won’t mind if you spend more quality time with your CNC

@HalfNormal I MAY have enough time for that! lol

@PhillipLunsford both would probably prefer I spend more time with the CNC! lol

I made this one based off one of the free projects that Vectric offers, it’s a basket for rolls. I used the same size/shape for the “endcaps”, dowels, etc but went with my own design for the cornucopia and fruits/vegetables. This was actually an Aspire only project and since I only have VCarve Desktop it did not allow me to see/use the 3D items from the file so I kind of had to make my own designs for the “endcaps” - actually I am glad it ended up that way because I like my design better anyway! :-):grinning:
My wife did the detail painting.

Project here:
Here is an original image from the Vectric project file:


Now that’s what I’m talking about. Awesome!

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