Thanksgiving? When? Where?

Lol how many small business owners or hardcore hobbyist are working through the holiday today? Just seeing if I am the only one

and P.S. Happy Thanksgiving everyone


We’ve already done our Thanksgiving up in Canada… today is definitely a snowy work day.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American buddies on the forum…


I am in the middle of cooking for 12 then after dinner it’s off to the shop.


thats the spirit dont rush around to tear the turkey apart and then go shopping for semi good deals at 3pm lol

I’m hanging out chatting with people on the forum.



we should get a live session going instant message?


not sure I thought that the forum had a live chat deal?

the only other way to do it I know of is to live stream something on youtube and then you have the comment section

I could of swore that there was a live session on this forum once before

Supposed to be a Christmas ham right Angus?

well no lol that does seem like a feast and fun time I am always interested to try food from around the world I will hop on a plane and coming join you!

Will be trying new things tonight. Got my material in the mail yesterday.


whatcha going to make?

Got a few signs to finish then going to maybe try making a fidget spinner in aluminium and if I am happy with that I am thinking of making another but with a 3d shape with 2 sided machining.

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What is a fidget spinner?

.stl file peace spinner.stl (755.3 KB)

interesting I guess a cool little item to kill some time

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do you have it in a step or f3d file?

This one is just basic 2d I will put up a 3d soon
peace (81.3 KB)

Well I am finally finished for the day another custom prototype ready to get out the door for customer review


Very cool …