Thanksgiving? When? Where?

Supposed to be a Christmas ham right Angus?

well no lol that does seem like a feast and fun time I am always interested to try food from around the world I will hop on a plane and coming join you!

Will be trying new things tonight. Got my material in the mail yesterday.


whatcha going to make?

Got a few signs to finish then going to maybe try making a fidget spinner in aluminium and if I am happy with that I am thinking of making another but with a 3d shape with 2 sided machining.

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What is a fidget spinner?

.stl file peace spinner.stl (755.3 KB)

interesting I guess a cool little item to kill some time

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do you have it in a step or f3d file?

This one is just basic 2d I will put up a 3d soon
peace (81.3 KB)

Well I am finally finished for the day another custom prototype ready to get out the door for customer review


Very cool …

lookin good

what do you guys think of the plywood one the first pic?

rest are


I think it looks just as good as the rest.

yeah I think it turned out alright I hope he chooses that one because it would be the most cost effective to produce just simply get different veneered plywood’s and I can cut out probably 32 at a time

Are those teeny weeny magnets?

Yup 4mm to be exact lol

I think my brother in law passed a stone about that size… not so teeny weeny at that moment!

Haha yeah don’t even mention kidney stones lol not fun