That moment when a knot in your board ruins the whole project!

In the middle of making a flag as a gift when I realize the final word in the pledge of allegiance is in the middle of a knot and you can hardly read it… so unfortunate…


Could you sand it out or fill it up and just carve “all” by itself on the next line?


I forgot to lower the font down 2 inches like I had planned before hitting carve.

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I feel your pain. This has happend to me too many times.

Were you going to leave the text raw? If so, I would just color match some paint and just paint in the letters in the word ALL, you might have to fiddle with the color a bit, but if you match it close enough it would not be noticeable at all.

Ugh that sucks… but the flag looks good

Well I tried to match the wood color, it turned out a little light but better than it was!


Oh man, that did knot just happen!!! :rofl:


Kind of in a time crunch with needing it to be finished tonight. Not sure I can live with that color difference though so will probably be looking at doing something tonight.

You do a couple coats of shellac, then paint with oil based paint, wipe off with help of denatured alcohol?

Well I’m glad I decided to follow your video and paint them, looks much better… but now what’s everybody think should I paint all the stars and logo white now too?

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