That moment when it drills a hole through your 2+ hour carve

Sigh. The front side was fine, two deep pockets one with some letters at zero height, looking great. Flipped it over to carve a recess for a keyhole hangar - ran that carve but then decided I wanted it a little deeper. I didn’t redo my home position since it had just run it - being a little cautious I hit carve and immediately put my finger on the pause button of the xcontroller, as soon as it started I could tell it wasn’t going to be correct so I hit the pause button to stop it. Relieved that I had caught it I went to the computer and hit the “X” in Easel to cancel it when BAM - it drove straight down into the wood. I slammed the emergency stop but it was too late, I’ve got a nice 1/16" hole drilled through to the front. Frustrating.

Any ideas how I could have kept it from going bezerek when I canceled?

John, I had this happen last week. Seems its related to canceling a session.

@rodovich, this sounds like the issue I had last week. Is this a bug?

This is the second time that I’ve done a cancel and had it respond by going crazy.

Can you fill in the wood and smooth it out to fix the piece?

That’s my plan. Wood putty and then sand / finish. This piece is kind of a proof of concept so it’s not a deal breaker for it but it’s frustrating to have something ruined because of hitting the cancel button…

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