That Was A Fun Build

Just finished putting my X Carve together, well almost still waiting on my back ordered X Controller. Took me about 10 hours with building the bench not to bad.


that looks good. I’m green with envy. i ordered mine on 1/3/17. its now been shipped at last but international shipping takes so long! and my controller is also on back order… sigh. keeping the little space for it swept and clean in the meantime… . LOL!

Damn - 10 hours!! Good job.

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Ah - well, I’ll still give him a cookie for the 10 hours to that point, but it will have a bite out of it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you, I couldn’t have done it that fast without my trusty electric screwdriver and hex bits and also pre-reading the instructions a few times before it arrived. And also all the helpful tips on the forums I still need to adjust belt tensioning and of course wiring when the controller comes.

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10 hours, why the rush?

My controller is still ‘on order’…since mid-December.

what was your “promised” shipping date? really hoping that it comes in good time.

It’s been 7.5 weeks since order placement. The web site showed then and still does that all orders take between 6-8 weeks for delivery. The machine components all arrived at about 5.5 weeks, but the controller is still AWOL. :frowning:

Yeah my x controller isn’t marked for shipment till the 24th

I ordered December 11th. I was quoted Feb 15th as the earliest they expect to ship my x-controller.

Quick. Cheap. Good. Can only pick 2.