The Auto Save feature is the WORST!

I was working on a product for a client…this involved inlay work…so cut out the “fill” then went to cut out the “outline” with a different material and somehow the object got lost. Figured I would go back to the original file, but NOPE…auto save saved the current work which included the lost objects. Mother F@#$er!!!


I agree, I have lost count of the number of times my model was messed up by temporary changes I made, which were intended to be discarded, but which were auto saved into the original model. I have made a habit of always working with a copy rather than the original.

The use of copies does not work as well as it could, however since there is no way to organize the files into folders, or even see the full name of the file. So it’s difficult to keep track of all the different files. Other things that would help, would be the ability to save/archive files on my local computer and/or the ability to mark files as read-only.

Dad always said: Don’t blame the tool, blame the carpenter

Sorry about your lost work.

Like many others, I also don’t use easel for product design and tool path generation for reasons like this, and multiple other reasons. inventables did an amazing job making carving an approachable walk-up experience for all.

This is evidence to me that it’s time you get a sharper tool.

Good luck on the journey.